• Victor Taichung VE-120*1t

    Victor Taichung VE-140*1t

  • Quality inspection equipment (projection comparator 2.5D)

  • Victor Taichung VE-140T *3

    HI-More UTS-750TW-2R *6

  • AWEA AF-760 CNC

  • Victor Taichung VR-700R

  • CNC Milling Machine SZ-1820VS


  • We exhibit the 2015 NPE : The International Plastic Showcase at Orlando ,Flordia USA.

  • We bought two electric injection machines (which are FANUC ALPHA-S-150iA & FANUC S-2000i 250B)

  • Company passed through "ISO 22000 : 2005 Production of Plastic Food Contact Materials and Food .

  • We expand the third floor (which is 9,400 square feet) including New Warehouse & Laboratory & 100K clearn assembly room

  • We build 100K clear room (which is 14,400 square feet ) for Medical & Lense customer

  • With a lot of new work and we expand 7,200 square feet.

  • Approve Germany OSRAM Factory confirmation in August, officially becomes manufacture factory with qualified prove in Taiwan.

  • Approve American factory confirmation of USA general merchandise retail trade Sears the K-mart in October , with qualifications of manufacture the Seras general merchandise product.

  • Company passed through "ISO 9001:2008 " and introduced computer management system. We also establish the mould department and manufacture precise mould in order to increase company's competition and decrease mould's cost.

  • We apply "ISO 9001:2008 " to increase quality and management for our company.

  • Attend to exercise machine's device and any new popular plastic products.

  • Develop the latest exercise machine's device and fold chair and fold desk.

  • To manufacture furniture and exercise machine, We keep buying two Plastic Injection machines (680-T).

  • To manufacture "Icecourt", we bought two Victor's Plastic Injection machines (180-S.T).

  • With a lot of new work and our factory was to small, we change to a new place (which is 21,600 square feet). We Build (which is 14,400 square feet )

  • To raise plastic's quality and reduce cost, we bought Victor's Plastic Injection machines. We also did the OEM for plastic productions.

  • To raise production's standard and quality, we bought Japan machine and manufacture high-quality thread back to Japan.

  • Ching-Sui co., ltd was found in 1982 and stressed on manufacture thread.