Starting as a thread manufacturer, Ching-Sui has changed its company structure and business model over the course of time to keep up with the ever-changing market. In 1993, Ching-Sui step its foot into the plastic injection business in Taiwan. The company’s commitment to top-quality products and service is the reason why Ching-Sui stands out among other plastic molding companies on the market. Though we have earned a place in the plastic injection molding industry, we will, however, remain on the course to continuously refine our service and products. We hope that with all our dedication and effort, Ching-Sui will take a more proactive part in the global market in the future.

100K Clear Room
for Medical & Lense customer
ISO 9001:2008
To increase quality and management for our company
Approve Germany OSRAM Factory confirmation
Injection Machines
FANUC ALPHA-S-150iA & FANUC S-2000i 250B
Taiwan Plastics Injection Manufacturing
Ching-Sui will, however, keeps working hard to reinforce its production structure and gain more company growth to be a leader of plastic injection products globally.
professional and precise mould
professional and precise mould
The best professional mould design and manufacturing schedule.