Ching - Sui Company., Ltd. achieves its ISO9001-2008 certificate that warrants the quality system including Design, Manufacture and sales of Injection Molded Products, Steel Pipe Furniture, Sporting Goods, Automotive Parts/ Manufacture and Sales of Thread. At Ching-Sui, we have been always focusing on Quality and Service from company establishment until now. They are our responsibility and voluntary, and are the best way for company business. We also increase other related factors when we apply to ISO 9001. We expect to increase manufacture efficiency, promote work efficacy, create industry value and heave whole environment in order to create zero fault and perfect service.

Perfect Quality

Our engineers perform a design review and assessment when the design is provided to us. We can also help a customer solve problems in advance, and therefore reduce the error probability.

Customer's Satisfactory

We enhance the customer's satisfactory, resolve question. We provide efficient conversation for our customers and factory about the mould design and modification.

Whole Participation

We seriously participate all kinds of work, response our projects, supervise each other and to lower fault rate.

Business Continuity

We use a lot of manufacturing conditions to lower cost and provide perfect employees welfare, professional train and life planning for our staff. We hope make use of them to achieve Business Continuity.