Second Processing

After the plastic injection is the basic out surface, we can do second processing to create the quality.


Professional gold stamping

  • Professional gold stamping; equipment, gold stamping service available.
  • CSI use the KURZ bronzing film of Germany to provide diversification and multi-color bronzing services.

Surface Printing/Pad Printing Service

  • Printed on the plastic surface the desired image or Logo。
  • High precision steel mold.

Surface coating services

  • Universal plastic provides surface clear coating.
  • PC、PMMA可提供硬化處理(hard coating)服務。

Surface plating services

  • ABS material can provide water plating process service (Micropores, Microcracks)。
  • PC, PBT, PMMA and other materials can provide PVD, NCVM vacuum plating process.